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          All Financial proceeds from our performances and events allow us to further our goal of supporting young gifted artists to obtain their musical dreams and aspirations. 

         Our goal is to raise funds to award financial scholarships to deserving young high school seniors who have made the decision to pursue a degree and career in music.

         We present two major concerts per year and rely heavily on ticket sales, donations and contributions from supporters like yourself, throughout the year.  These monetary awards are presented annually  at our spring scholarship event where our award recipients, past and present, also have an opportunity to present their amazing talents in performance.


Pictured from left to right: Maya Henry (2018 winner-Westminister College, NJ), Ahinoam Troutman (2018 winner-SUNY Fredonia, NY) Maisha Omotunde Dean-BEC President, Ahmad Simmons (2016 winner-Columbia College) William Burton (2018 & 2019 winner-Westminister College, NJ)

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               BROOKLYN ECUMENICAL CHOIR SCHOLARSHIP WINNERS-   2012-2023                                

2012              $500               Squinsha John                    TBD

2013              $500               Travis Sanderson               Xavier Univ. Louisiana

2013              $500               Amir Porter                         Dutchess Comm. College

2013              $500               Jasmen Reyes                     Xavier Univ. Louisiana

2014              $1000             Aaron W. Ramsey              SUNY Fredonia, NY

2014              $1000             Jasmen Reyes                     Xavier Univ. Louisiana

2015              $1000             Justin Michael Austin        Graduate studies

2015              $1000             Paul Grosvenor                  Graduate studies

2015              $1000             Aaron W. Ramsey              Undergraduate

2015              $1000             Jonathan Turner                Undergraduate

2016              $1000             Lorna Courtney                 Univ. of Michigan

2016              $1000             Ahmad Simmons              Columbia College

2016              $1000             Rodney James Spann       New School for Jazz

2017              $1000             Caleb Howerton                Five Towns College

2017              $1000             Samuel Neverson III         Queens College

2017              $1000             Luke Waldron                    Boston College

2018              $1000             William Butron                  Westminister College NJ

2018              $1000             Maya Henry                       Westminister College NJ

2018              $1000             Ahinoam Trotman            SUNY Fredonia, NY

2019              $1000             William Butron                  Westminister College NJ

2019              $1000             Aaron W. Ramsey             Westminister College NJ

2020              $1000             Jade Brathwaite                New York University

2023              $1000             Diana Vacca                       A. Copeland School of Music 

2023              $1000             Damian Headley               Manhattan School of Music, NYC                                 


No Scholarships were awarded during 2021-2022 due to the covid pandemic
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